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ADGS is a Deep Tech startup company that was founded in 2015. ADGS conducts research and development to create cutting-edge algorithms to build futuristic applications.

Specifically, ADGS focuses is in the fields of Agent-Based simulations (Emergent Behavior), Cybersecurity and Biometrics, Social Dynamics, Natural Language Processing, and Artificial Intelligence.

ADGS efforts are supported by strong partnerships and bilateral cooperation agreements with renowned laboratories, universities, and foundations around the world.

ADGS is the company to solicit when complex software developments are out-of-reach of systems integrators or systems developers, or that require them to subcontract specialists.


  • Three attributes characterize ADGS deep tech. These technologies can have a big impact, took a long time to reach market-ready maturity, and required a substantial amount of investment. ADGS Deep technologies are novel and are significant advances over technologies currently in use. They required concerted R&D to develop consumer applications and bring them from the lab to the market. ADGS technologies address big societal challenges and will likely shape the way we solve some of the most pressing global problems. These technologies have the power to create their own markets and disrupt existing industries.

  • When Artificial Intelligence "meets" humans, it is usually through invasive machine learning processes that will study your behavior with the purpose of increasing the profits of mega-corporations.
    At ADGS we master AI but we sometimes face a deontological and moral challenge. So we decided to go one step beyond artificial intelligence and develop agent-based modeling EMERGENCE to genuinely understand humans and concepts, not individually but as a whole.
    What we do with ABM is out of reach of AI as there is no learning process, which makes ABM much faster and smarter, as it gets to "the big picture". It allows ABM to manage predictive scenarios that AI cannot even conceptualize.

  • To make computers serve humans better by understanding Humanity and developing innovative algorithms that directly connect computing power to humans.

  • ADGS has a long-term vision where it becomes a Deep Technologies leader by attracting talents and exporting cutting edge technologies worldwide.

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